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Web Dispatcher system tracks the location and status of all vehicles in real-time to ensure efficient dispatching of trips.  Whether on a PC or smartphone WebDispatcher allows you to see exactly what’s going on.

TranAir II

In-Vehicle Driver application that runs on industry-standard Android tablets. 


 Increases rider engagement like no traditional app can. Users get all of the functionality of a fully-installed app simply by clicking a link from their confirmation text message.


The kiosk can be accessed from anywhere in the world via a web browser to make a reservation.

Route Optimization

TranRoot™ Route Optimization module will efficiently allocate pre-scheduled trips across your fleet.  It takes into consideration vehicle capacities (ambulatory vs wheelchair), passenger needs, pickup and drop off time windows and many other operational parameters.  The same-day optimization module continuously adjusts in real-time making sure your vehicles are making the most effective pickups and drop offs in both single and multi-load scenarios.

Get It Done With TranWare

Our complete suite of advanced software systems empowers commercial and public transportation fleets to fully automate reservation intake, scheduling, dispatching, GPS tracking, and accounting tasks. The back-office modules and mobile apps support fixed and dynamic flex route management, paratransit, taxi, executive sedan, and shuttle operations.

Scheduling & Dispatching

A Simple modern interface tracks everything from the progress of trips to vehicle maintenance and breakdowns in real-time.

Route Optimization

Next day and on-demand trip route, scheduling, and optimization tools.

Mobile Applications

Our next-generation system includes everything your fleet needs for taxi, para-transit, shuttle and other ground transportation fleets of any size

Driver Cashiering

Fully integrated driver shifting and cashiering with automated voucher and credit card reconciliation. 

Customer Account Billing

Invoicing and receivables integrated with driver cashiering.

Vehicle Tracking

Real-Time tracking of the location and status of all your vehicles for maximum efficiency.

Payment Processing

Our credit processing solutions put quick, simple credit card payments right into the rider’ hands

Automated Call Handling

Caller Id identifies repeat riders and trip history for quick and easy dispatch. Call Out saves you time and money by automation your call out needs.

Custom Solutions

Airport queue management, hours of service tracking, trip import/export API integration.

Analyze Financial Data

Accounting and cashiering are an integral part of running your successful business, but they can also be the most complex.

TranWare™ is reinventing the way you do business by fully automating the back office. Our fully integrated accounting, billing, reporting and cashiering modules are, quite simply, the best in the business.

Build a Stronger Relationship with Your Customers

With our Caller ID feature, you:

  • Cut call time
  • Improve accuracy
  • Improve communication

Above all, you WOW your customers! And turn first-time customers into repeat customers.

Everything All in One Place

Be able to see where all your trips are and where your drivers are going all in one simple interface.

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