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Fleet Maintenance

The TranWare Enterprise Cloud Fleet Management system allows for the creation of multiple preventive maintenance schedules, customized for each vehicle type in the fleet. The system enables automatic scheduling of regular maintenance based on predefined parameters, such as mileage and/or days in service. Moreover, detailed task lists can be generated for each service schedule, ensuring that the maintenance requirements of each vehicle are addressed comprehensively.

Completely customizable vehicle shift inspections can be configured allowing drivers to perform and log the required inspection tasks at the beginning of each shift using the mobile app. 

Your complete parts inventory system

  • Automated ordering of parts based on desired quantity level.
  • Classification of parts by vehicle type and type of part, fluid or other consumable product.
  • End-to-end transaction tracking capabilities including parts ordered, received, and used on individual vehicles.
  • Ability to track parts ordered from multiple supply vendors.
  • Integration with bar-code scanners for receiving parts into inventory and usage on vehicles during maintenance activities.
  • Detailed real-time inventory reporting, showcasing quantity on hand, on order, and categorized usage statistics.