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TranWare Enterprise Cloud offers a completely integrated Driver Cashiering and Redemption module.


  • Supports lease, commission, salary, and hourly shifts
  • Shifts can be by the hour, for specific days of the week, multi-day and weekly recurring.
  • Drivers can create and close shifts from their TranAir MDT applications.
  • Integrated double-entry G/L system for accounting.
  • User-definable accounts for credits and debits provide flexible cash flow management.
  • Detailed cashiering receipts provided for the driver, cash proof reports for reconciling.

Driver Accounts permit management of Loans, Security Deposit, and Recurring transactions.


  • Loan accounts for vehicle purchases, arrears balance payoffs or equipment.
  • Deposit accounts for security deposits.
  • Recurring accounts for regular charges such as insurance premiums or dispatch fees.
  • Accounts can be configured to charge a regular payment and will automatically stop charging drivers when complete.
  • Accounts can calculate interest automatically

Trip Redemption


  • Completed account and credit card trips are easily reconciled during the cashiering process.
  • Drivers are automatically credited for trips to be billed to accounts or charged on credit card.
  • Driver commissions are automatically computed based on flexible trip rate configuration.
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