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Custom Solutions

 TranWare offers a variety of add-on modules to customize and enhance the system’s functionality. Not only is TranWare Enterprise Cloud the most customizable Saas solution available, we also provide tailor-made backend solutions for every scenerio.

Application Programming Interface (API)

For highly customizable solutions where live integration with other systems is required, we offer a modern API allowing third party systems to insert, update and cancel trips in real-time.  As active trips are in-progress, the API can notify the third-party system as the updates occur. Our development staff is ready to tackle any custom requirements!

Trip Importers & Exporters

Many providers receive pre-scheduled trips from third parties (Medicaid, large customers, etc.).  Data files such as .csv can be easily imported with a simple one-step function saving countless hours of manual entry.  For fleets which need to provide information electronically for completed trips, custom exporters can be created to produce this information in a variety of formats.

Hours of Service Tracking

If a fleet is required to manage drivers’ hours of service, we have a module to support it!  Shifts can be configured to allow for a specific number of hours per day a driver can work.  This is managed in real-time and when a driver exceeds the allowable hours, he/she is automatically logged off for the pre-determined minimum time.  All historical shift activity is logged for reporting purposes.

Custom Reporting

Any data view (grid) within the system can easily be exported to Excel® with the click of a button.  Since custom views with column selection, sorting and filtering can be created and saved within the system, most standard reporting can be done via this method.  For reports requiring more detail, subtotaling and complex calculations, our staff can create custom report templates.  We can provide custom confirmations, invoices, receipts of any kind. Just ask!

Airport or Location Queue Management

The Queue Management module can manage line queues when fleets need a minimum number of vehicles at a load line such as an airport.  A “holding zone” can be specified where drivers go to wait their turn.  They are automatically booked into the holding zone in arrival time order and “called to the line” by the system as the queue count reaches a specified minimum threshold.  This can be used for both airports or destination resorts where a minimum queue count of vehicles is required.