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Route Optomization


TranRoot™ Route Optimization offers next day batch and real time multi-load route scheduling and optimization.

Prescheduled trips can be designated to an entire fleet or a subset of vehicles for a route. The trips are fed to the route-optimizer engine which quickly analyzes the trip origin and destination locations, requested pickup and drop off times and specific requirements such as vehicle type or other configurable attributes. Attributes could be things like “stretcher required”, “lift van required”, “wheelchair capable”, etc. The attributes and vehicle types are completely configurable. When the optimizer runs, it efficiently assigns the trips to vehicles to build routes. On the day of service, the trips are automatically dispatched to the assigned vehicles sequentially. Trips added, canceled or changed on the day of service are reprocessed through the optimizer and inserted into the appropriate route in progress. Any future trips affected by the change are recalculated in real time.

TranFixed™ Fixed Route Management offers flexible configuration of public transportation fixed routes.

Route vehicles, stops and service schedules can easily be created and modified within the system. Vehicles equipped with TranAir™ are tracked in real time and a live map displaying routes, vehicle locations and ETAs can be made available to the public, accessible from any desktop or mobile web browser. Both the Dynamic and Fixed Route modules can be augmented by the TranWare Kiosk remote reservation feature and RiderApp™ passenger applications. Passengers can use RiderApp to indicate when they are ready to be picked up on will-call return trips.