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Dispatch thousands of trips to hundreds of vehicles quickly and effeciently.

The first dispatching interface custom-designed for ADA paratransit. Everything a dispatcher needs, nothing that they don’t. Delivering the most effecient routes with real-time optimization, delivering the lowest cost.

Waye 3 Engine

The Third-generation of the Waye engine combines groups of trips into logical units of work; allowing the algorithim to optimize tens of thousands of trips in real time. Up to 40% improvement in Load Factor / Revenue Hours

TranWAYE Dispatch

Designed for paratransit fleets with thousands of trips per day, TranWAYE Dispatch interfaces with the Waye 3 engine to present the information and functionality required to adapt routes based on live events. 

Tranware TMS

The most extensible TMS on the market, Tranware Enterprise handles all aspects of fleet operations, from eligibility and order entry, to billing and vehicle maintanance. API integration to all major providers.

Waye 3 Routing Engine

Build specifically for real-time ADA-paratransit route optimization, the 3rd generation of the Waye routeing engine builds on the previous successes of Waye 1 (used by Stratigen) and Waye 2 (used by RouteMatch). Even with tens of thousands of trips, complete system repotimization takes seconds and delivers the highest KPIs of any engine on the market.


Waye 3 bundles nearby trips into logical units of work.

This technique reduces the processing time required to re-optimize the schedule while also keeping the routes packed with trips.

Customer Service and OTP

Waye 3 reduces the extra ride time that passengers experience in shared-ride trips by up to 40%

OTP protection allows for a safety buffer between the ETA and end of the promise window. This ensures full ADA compliance, even when routes are near capacity. 

TranWAYE Dispatch

  • Real-time route Optimization.
  • Higher Revenue hours per shift.
  • Automatic transfers.
  • Waitlist optimization.
  • Route rescue.
  • Full ADA compliance.



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TranWaye Dispatch

Designed to give dispatchers the information they need before they know they need it. TranWaye Dispatch receives real-time status updates and processes them through the Waye 3 routing engine to determine the follow-on effects of no-shows, cancellations, new trips, or other modifications to the schedule throughout the course of the day.

Potential late trips can be identified hours in advance and transferred to a different route either automatically or manually. Wiatlisted trips are automatically added to routes as the schedule changes throughout the day.


Route Management


  • Track Late Routes
  • Manage shift start, break, and end times
  • Communicate directly with drivers
Trip Manifest
  • Rescue Routes that are in trouble
  • Automatically transfer late trips to better routes
  • Perform, Cancel, or No-Show trips directly
  • View trip logs and add notes
  • Monitor route on integrated google map
Waitlist/ Willcall Trips
    • Automatically find best route for a unassigned trip
    • Manually assign trips
    • Automatically re-optimize the entire fleet


TranWAYE is the perfect solution for mid to large-scale paratransit enterprises looking to streamline their operations. Unlock the power of TranWAYE and take your operations to the next level.


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