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Scheduling & Dispatching

TranWare™ provides state of the art dispatching software which  works seamlessly with our TranAir™ in-vehicle solution for quick, easy yet powerful dispatching. Our technology has evolved and matured over two decades focused exclusively on the needs of the transportation industry. It’s powerful, stable and unbelievably feature­-rich, yet it doesn’t require a server farm or IT guru to keep it running smoothly.
With TranWare’s automated software and real-time GPS tracking, dispatchers can see exactly where the vehicles are and dispatch manually or automatically by vehicle location, zone, queue position, or almost any combination you require.
Organize, schedule, and track vehicles, drivers, shifts, licensing, leasing, maintenance or track the status, movement, and location of each vehicle. Ensure fast, accurate CRM based order entry that can be done in seconds by any call taker, or “injected” instantly via your website or our proprietary RiderApp smartphone solution which support pre-booking and special vehicle and driver requests. The possibilities are endless!
TranWare’s system is one of the most powerful in the industry while being remarkably easy to manage and configure.


Key Features and Benefits of TranWare Dispatch

  • Flexible order entry screen with complete Google(r) integration designed for ease of use and speed
  • User-definable tab stops, custom views by user
  • Complete geo-data files, automatic zone-based pricing, mileage estimates
  • User-definable landmarks (common addresses)
  • Many options for trip pricing including flat rate, zone to zone, metered, mileage-based, hourly, as directed, etc.
  • Complete customer trip history and instant trip recall
  • Complete driver and customer profiles for handling medicaid work
  • Computer-aided dispatch by vehicle or driver and completely automated dispatch
  • Dispatch “areas” supporting multiple dispatch screens
  • Standing orders & driver scheduling
  • Caller ID interface available
  • Medicaid interfaces available
  • Integrated credit card processing and authorization available


TranWare Dispatch also seamlessly integrates with our cashiering and billing modules, the most complete and powerful in the business.




The Kiosk can be accessed from anywhere in the world via a web browser to make a reservation.

  Key Features and Benefits of Kiosk

  • TranWare Kiosk is a location-based remote reservation tool.
  • Accessible via any web-enabled device.
  • Place Kiosk at common pick up locations such as hotels, restaurants, airports, etc.
  • Customers enter name and phone numbers and will receive a text message providing them a direct link to our RiderApp to track the reservation in real-time.

Fixed Route Module

  • Provides a publicly displayable live map that shows the stops and allows users to click on a stop to see the schedule.
  • Displays the real-time location of the busses/vans.

  • The in-vehicle application can track the number of passengers embarking and debarking from busses at each stop.
  • Provides for detailed reporting of the historical data regarding ridership.
  • Supports Universal Travel Card for paperless passenger payment.
  • Supports hands-free temperature measurements of passengers using readily available equipment designed for this purpose.
  • Provides a driver companion app with a pre-shift inspection checklist feature.
  • Provides a preventive maintenance module integrated with shifting to call in vehicles for service as required.
  • Mobile users can quickly see live bus location for the nearest route(s) based on their current location.


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