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Payment Processing

When it comes to integrated card processing, TranWare™ is raising the bar and lowering the cost. 

TranWare, working together with Open edge (a division of global Payments) offer the most secure payment solutions available! Seamlessly integrated into TranWare mobile applications, this payment solution eliiminated manual reconciliations and reduces human error.

Our credit processing solutions put quick, simple credit card payments right into the riders’ hands and take the risk and paperwork out of yours.

TranAir™ Driver MDT Application

A driver facing mobile app for fleets to use on a daily basis. This EMV® capable app (Walker 2.0 BT) also manages online reservations, supports signature capture, and emailed receipts.

RiderAPP™ Mobile Passenger Application

By simply visiting a fleet’s web page for RiderApp, passengers can enjoy the convenience of a mobile app to make reservations for transportation.  When setting up the app, they can opt to securely add a credit card for payment.  This card is “tokenize0d” and stored within the payment gateway for future use whenever the passenger wants to book a trip.  After the trip is completed, the passenger has the opportunity to add a tip and the tip can be added anytime within an hour of the trips’ completion providing added flexibility for people on the move.  Passengers will automatically receive a detailed receipt.