Push To Talk

No Static

Noisy two way radios have been used for decades. They’re ‘clunky’, expensive and obsolete. TranAir’s visual map and text displays and its screen-by-screen buttons are more accurate, faster, and most importantly, track and store dispatch details that radios can’t. But there will always be occasions where ‘voice’ is still preferred. That‘s why there’s TRANsmitter.

Fully Integrated

This affordable premium feature gives you the best of both worlds. It allows ‘push to talk’ style 2-way voice that’s built right in to your TranAir tablet! And it uses your data plan, not expensive cell minutes. While TRANsmitter won’t replace the accuracy, speed or accountability of TranWare Five Ultra and TranAir for payment and dispatch, it’s a welcome companion for those times when a human voice is just what’s needed. And it’s the perfect reason to sell those old 2-way radios (and get rid of their costs).

End Eavesdropping

  • • No additional hardware required (uses mic and speaker in TranAir Tablets)
  • • No licence, towers or repeaters required
  • • Private driver-to-dispatch communications
  • • Broadcast dispatcher-to-group (or ‘all’) voice for alerts or announcements
  • • Works in ‘real time’
  • • Allows recording of transmissions
  • • Can’t be monitored by rogue drivers