NexTaxi… The Rider App that Builds Business while Fighting ‘Rogue’ Apps

Did you know that about 50% of your passengers now carry a smartphone? And that number is growing monthly! Are you taking advantage of the opportunity this fact presents for you and your fleet?

NexTaxi is TranWare’s exclusive new smartphone app that will help you increase your efficiency, improve customer satisfaction and “image” and better yet, will make your fleet visible and accessible to potentially millions of riders who otherwise wouldn’t have your number handy, or don’t see one of your cars passing by.

How? Because many of these potential riders are vacationers and business travelers from out of town. Because both travelers and local riders rely on their smartphones for so much these days that if you’re not on their phone, someone else will be.

With NexTaxi, smartphone users can silently, accurately and automatically request a dispatch from your TranWare enabled fleet – even if they don’t know your number, don’t see your cars, or perhaps can’t even explain where they are.

Because the NexTaxi app is designed from the ground up to integrate seamlessly with your TranWare system, its users can inject their location, destination, and preferences directly into your dispatch system,  and your closest car can be on its way to them in seconds – without any human involvement or work on your end!

NexTaxi also allows riders to store and instantly recall common routes, pick up and drop off destinations, and pre-book. With this sort of ease, why would anyone make an old fashioned phone call when they can make your world, your drivers’ world and their world easier, more effective and more efficient? And at just the touch of a smartphone screen!

NexTaxi is your key to acquiring new riders, having existing riders ride more frequently, simplifying paperwork, reducing call taker load, and reducing dead time.

It is the ONLY smartphone app that is integrated with TranWare’s total solution. Don’t be misled by claims to the contrary and don’t be cut out of the loop by start-ups pushing apps that cut your business and send work to your drivers – likely at times when you’re counting on them to be available to YOU.

With TranWare fleets in more than 90 markets (and growing quickly!) and a revolutionary new smartphone app that will quickly be in the pockets of millions of riders you want to reach, NexTaxi is the next taxi revolution you don’t want to miss!