Step into the modern day back office with our state of the art driver cashiering module which allows you to maintain a complete set of accurate accounting records. Our system automatically separates cash, account, credit card and voucher trips to accurately track individual driver cash flow.

Checking a driver out of a vehicle is simple — all completed trips are separated by charge type. They can be saved for later reconciliation and cashiering or the driver can be cashiered right on the spot and provided with a complete printed report.

When combined with your existing wireless trip dispatch and in-vehicle credit card processing, TranWare’s™ cashiering system keeps track of all trip transactions without any manual intervention by tracking the exact amount of every trip including the transaction type. It can even break down the fares both with and without driver tip!

Before the driver even checks out of the vehicle, you are ready to bill account trips and you know the driver’s exact balance — making it simple and easy for the driver to get paid.

Even better, the driver cashiering system allows drivers to have their own convenient, personal card. Load it at any time with what the driver is owed right when credit card payments are processed. The convenience of the card not only allows you to make timely payments, it also makes funds available to drivers quickly. Drivers can use their cards to make purchases or to make withdrawals.

On top of that, our cashiering module also manages driver vehicle leases, dispatch fees, wages, driver commissions, shift fees, fuel charges and driver loans and more! Imagine the time and money you’ll save with our computerized management system!

So go ahead — enjoy the benefits of our nearly two decades of industry experience at prices you can afford!