Credit Processing

TranWare’s Credit Processing Solutions

When it comes to integrated card processing, TranWare is raising the bar – and lowering the cost.

Put convenience at riders’ fingertips with TranWare’s secure and PCI compliant in-vehicle payment processing, complete with receipt printing. With solutions tailored to fit any budget and unbeatable rates, there’s no need to risk dealing with third parties for hardware, data connection and processing, or the hidden fees and integration nightmares they bring.

We’ll help you capture that missing business with technology that makes it simple, fast, and secure!

  • If you have NO card payment capability, NOW is the time to talk to us
  • In some markets, over 65% of riders expect you to accept card payment.  Give them what they want – and increase revenue, vehicle utilization, customer satisfaction AND driver tips!
  • Let us upgrade the expensive, stand alone or non-secure system you’ve been using with an affordable, truly integrated solution
  • Create loyalty programs for regular riders and commercial accounts using our custom rider cards that are swiped using the same equipment
  • Our in-vehicle solutions have been designed to work seamlessly with our dispatch, cashiering and billing solutions giving you true automation

We have a solution that’s just right for you! 

Our top of the line POS features a fully featured, rider-familiar design, perfect for fleets that want an all-in-one unit that’s easy to pass back to the rider. With its large backlit display, full keypad, custom menu buttons and built-in receipt printer, it’s the closest thing to what they use at any retail store. Best of all, automated tip percentage keys allow your customer to choose a 10%, 15% or 20% (or higher) tip amount at the push of a button. At last, drivers can say goodbye to getting a $10 bill for a $9.50 ride!

For fleets that don’t need that level of sophistication, we offer a rugged easy to use, reliable and secure “printer-card swipe” in-one that is also fully integrated with our in-vehicle, dispatch and cashiering technology. These units are perfect for “up front” mounting, to be used by the driver. Drivers can swipe cards, enter tips, and print receipts in seconds while keeping their unit safe and sound.

For the smaller fleet needing to take that first step into the mobile processing world, but with limited resources, we offer an entry-level solution: a compact one piece swipe that mounts right onto our tablet MDT. It’s highly secure and unbelievably affordable.

Our credit processing solutions put quick, simple credit card payments right into the riders’ hands and take the risk and paperwork out of yours!