TranCall Call Out

Fully Automated

TranCall, TranWare’s proprietary call-out feature is designed to save you and your staff both time and money by automating your call-out needs.  With TranCall, passengers are notified of their cab’s arrival via an automated recording, freeing your dispatchers to keep track of your cars rather than spending time manually calling passengers.

How It Works

As the driver approaches the pickup location he simply requests a call-out.  TranCall then notifies the customer via a (fully customizable) prerecorded message.  The driver is then notified on his MDT when the call-out was successful.  In the event the passenger does not answer, the driver is alerted with a “Call-out unsuccessful” message, at which point they could request an additional call-out.

  • Automated call-out featuring your customized recorded message
  • Save expensive human resources by freeing your dispatchers to attend your fleet instead of manually calling passengers.
  • Save drivers both time and fuel by reducing “dead time” – sitting in the car idling.
  • Increase rider satisfaction and retention by saving them the frustration of needing to wait by the door.

Notification Module

For customers performing pre-scheduled “next day” trips, the TranCall Notification Module will automatically call customers to confirm their scheduled transportation.

How it Works

  • After the next day trips have been scheduled, a single process will automatically call the customers and play a message with their scheduled pickup information.
  • The customer has the option to confirm or cancel the trip.
  • Customer responses are logged in the trip record within the dispatch system.
  • This prevents unnecessary “no shows” and reduces staff workload.