Rogue App Threat

Real Threats

Businesses that don’t move quickly against a growing threat can be severely damaged. While few saw it coming, the well funded, well staffed ‘start-ups’ behind ‘rogue’ driver apps are now a threat to fleets everywhere. And they’re here to stay — Changing our industry and hurting fleets like yours. Rogue app start-ups poach drivers and loyal riders, bit by bit, bypassing fleets, and turning your revenue into theirs. Do you understand the real risks? Do you have a strategy to defend against – and even profit from – this new danger? If not, we can help.

Take Action

Our solution, three years in development is now rolling out quickly, protecting, linking, and building fleets nationwide. While the ‘rogue’ strategy is to take your services – and your brand – out of the loop, you can work with us to turn a real threat into an opportunity. These companies have raised over $100 million to date, and they’re spending it to get your drivers, make your customers theirs, and to aggressively lobby for changes to the very rules that you’ve built your business on. Their business model makes fleets like yours wither away while they gradually form their own ‘uber fleet’.

Our Solution

Don’t be a victim. Our integrated solution ensures you are part of the rider app revolution – not a casualty of it. We work together with fleets like yours, building something stronger – and smarter – than rogue apps can provide. It’s a ‘total solution’ that future-proofs, modernizes and helps expand your business. Embrace the future! Keep your drivers and customers happy and loyal – and attract new ones. Cut costs, increase efficiency, and open the door to becoming part of something much bigger.