DuraTran Total Vehicle Solution

Low Cost

Universal TranWare’s DuraTran Total Vehicle Solution is designed for the rigours of demanding taxi use, yet built on a ­­future-friendly, open platform. Balancing long term ruggedness and long term technical agility, it’s the right choice for large fleets needing a front-seat/back-seat combo that’s modern, affordable and built to last. The DuraTran solution puts identical, rugged Android devices, (each running proprietary software) in front of the driver and passenger.


Max Features

DuraTran display modules pair securely and reliably with our DuraTran Comm Module, providing secure, reliable 3g/4g to WiFi routing and advanced GPS to form a rock solid, modular in-vehicle solution. The Comm Module also supports OBD II integration, allowing for a new level of vehicle monitoring and remote controllability. Beyond flexible and rugged, DuraTran front and back seat units feature fully integrated card swipes for secure, reliable card payment by driver or passenger. They also boast additional I/O capability for expanded peripheral support,
and optional external antennae.

High Quality

DuraTran Display Module Features:

  • • High end Android core
  • • High end touch screen graphics
  • • Integrated card swipes
  • • Commercial-grade rugged build
  • • Swappable front and rear hardware

DuraTran Comm Module features:

  • • 3g/4g Wireless Router
  • • High quality GPS receiver
  • • External antenna capability
  • • WiFi for front/back seat and passenger
  • • OBD II data interface