We are a 15 year old, rapidly growing high tech company that has really entered high gear in the last year – both in marketing and in R&D.  As our need for constant innovation accelerates, we are transitioning from outsourced development and are assembling a small, highly innovative team of our own to break some exciting new ground – moving forward our existing products, and adding to them.


We are doing significant mobile R&D in two key areas:


-          A powerful, groundbreaking new mobile app that lets anyone with a smartphone locate, request, track, and pay for the closest taxi.  The possibilities are endless – and we want someone who can help us explore them all!  Of the 1 billion rides per year given by taxis, 500 million of them serve riders with Smartphones.  We will be the ones who get a taxi app onto every Smartphone in the world.

-          Our historical business, is the other side of that equation – Taxi fleet management technology.  Our back-office systems for vehicle and driver management and tracking as well as CRM based call-taking are well established, in use by over 120 fleets all over North America –  and expanding.


We are now moving both our own customers and the massive, largely obsolete taxi industry (200,000 cars) away from 20 year old 2 way radios and boat-anchor dispatch terminals, that have them stagnating.  In its place we are redefining the in-vehicle tech for drivers and passengers and bringing a revolutionary change to the taxi world, primarily using android based tablets, mobile point of sale terminals and the wireless mobile data network – and our brains and creativity.  Here too, we lead the way, but are looking for additional innovators to help us reshape this industry –  from both sides.

Our systems involve location based services and tracking, communication with legacy dispatching systems and middleware (java based, using XML), mobile payment processing, VOIP, not to mention UI challenges to satisfy both taxi drivers and smarphone users . . . .  It’s complex and exciting.  We lead the Market – and have to keep leading.  These are lightyears beyond  ‘cute little apps’!

Our revenue has tripled in the last year, and we are well funded, and intend to achieve significantly more this year, with major new innovations, and the broad launch of our game changing Taxi app.

We have immediate space for a couple of smartphone gurus to round out the team.

This is a wide open field, and we are the disruptive innovators who will reshape it!  While established, we are a small company that has just reactivated ‘growth mode’ and there is room for you to become a significant part of a small, fun, ‘think outside the box’ group.  If you can deliver, there is tremendous potential for personal and career growth, and no corporate BS.

We have offices in Arizona, Florida, and Toronto Canada.  Working locally is fine, and there will be opportunity to travel to our other offices.


Number of Positions:  2 FTE
Job Title: Android Software Developer
Full-Time: Yes
Part-Time: Yes
Availability:  Available immediately, Flexible Hours.  Internships available.

Number of Positions:  1 FTE
Job Title: ANDROID Software Developer
Full-Time: Yes
Part-Time: Yes
Availability:  Available immediately, Flexible Hours.  Internships available


Degree not required.  Software development background expected.  Prefer education in computer science or other related field.


Candidate would work as part of a small development team designing and evolving the mobile side of an enterprise client/server system that would interface with various ERP systems and be delivered to the end user through a tablet device and consumer Smartphones.


Must have:

* 1 Year of Android Development Experience


* 1 Year of iOS Development Experience

Additional skills that will turn our heads:

* Java Development Experience (including multithreading & async)
* RESTful Services
* Web Services

We’ll really smile if you have some knowledge of:

* Client-Server Based Communication (including UDP communication)
* Automated Testing (Test Construction, Results Analysis)
* Geo-Location using Google API
* Familiarity with SVN
* General understanding of Wireless Communication (GSM & CDMA, and WiFi/Bluetooth)

To really excel (and FIT) you should have:

* The ability to work independently and as part of a team
* Basic understanding of hardware architectures and network systems.
* Problem solving ability and strong written/verbal communications skills.
* Ability to stay organized and manage multiple and concurrent assignments.
* Works well in a culture that is open, direct, energetic, and sometimes frenetic but always respectful, courteous and compassionate.
* Be a quick learner, always hungry to learn new things,  self-motivated, team oriented and possess a sense of humor.


Salary is dependent on qualifications and experience.




Minimal travel may be required.  Flexible.