About Us

TranWare has been a leading technology and services company focused on the taxi and limousine industry technology since its inception.

We are a proud American company with a longer than 16 year track record of innovation, reliability, and affordability.

We have developed our large client base, solid reputation and remarkably high client retention by providing more than just affordable leading edge solutions. We have earned it by steadfastly supporting what we sell and by seeing ourselves as partners in the long-term success of our clients.

Our proprietary technologies, carefully selected suppliers and partners, and unique strategic approach set us apart from the “big box” players who treat valuable customers like second class citizens, the cottage industry mom and pop shops who just don’t have the horsepower to deliver what it takes, and the “out of nowhere” start-ups that disappear as quickly as they pop up.

With an expanded roster of exciting new products and services, built on solid R&D and over 2
decades of industry experience, TranWare is offering our market a powerful, integrated array of products and services whose time has come.

Our mission is to offer affordable, proprietary new solutions to the majority of fleets who thought they couldn’t play with the “big boys” that will replace the aging and inefficient way taxi operators manage fleets and their riders manage taxi travel.