Hailing a Cab in SLC, there’s an app for that

Hailing a Cab in SLC, there’s an app for that

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Typically, this is how it goes down: You call a taxi company, order a taxi and get an approximate time of arrival. Everything seems fine, until 20 minutes pass and you realize you’re 5 minutes late to wherever you’re supposed to be. When the taxi arrives, you bustle in hoping the driver puts the pedal to the metal. When you arrive—due to the gratuities, service fees, etc.—you’re not sure how much you owe. But you made it . . . right?

NexTaxi wipes all those bad taxi memories away. Universal TranWare principles Steven Juliver and Earl Epstein’s app has been on the market for six months, and is available on both Android and iPhone and services about 50 cities across the US and Canada. Salt Lake City is one of those cities you can use it in.

With the app, you can order a cab and watch the car, the driver and the location info on your screen. Just type in an address or pinpoint yourself on a map for the taxi to find you. The app will only send drivers from legitimate, approved taxi fleets and will never send an “indie” or off-duty driver. No fees or minimum gratuities, and you can pay over the app, so keep your cash.

In SLC, the NexTaxi works with Ute Cab. If you don’t know where you are, the app will find you. The app uses GPS integrated Transware technology—already installed in Ute Cab taxis—to find a passenger’s location around the Salt Lake Valley.

For more info, visit nextaxi.com.

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