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NexTaxi for iOS Press Release at Yahoo! Finance

  • Posted:  July 26, 2013

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NexTaxi for iPhone Integrates Smartphone e-Hailing Through Licensed Taxicab Dispatch Systems for Safer, Regulated Taxi Rides

Free Taxi Ordering App for iPhone Respects Industry Regulation to Provide Safe, Real-Time Access to Legitimate, Licensed Taxis, With No Up-Charges or Fees and Flexible Cash and Secure Mobile Payment Options


TUCSON, AZ–(Marketwired – Jul 25, 2013) – Universal TranWare™, the Trusted Taxi Solutions Company™ for fleets and taxi riders, today announced the launch and availability of the NextTaxi™ app for iPhone. This more sophisticated approach to mobile app taxi access leverages the company’s 20 year track record in advanced taxi fleet solutions, mobile technology and secure payment to integrate its technology directly into dispatching systems of only licensed and compliant taxicab companies. With NexTaxi, users always receive a legitimate taxi with an on-duty driver and can track its approach and pay directly from their smartphone.

Now available free-of-charge on the iPhone App Store, the NexTaxi smartphone hailing app introduces a fundamentally different approach that gives riders access to more than 10,000 taxis in dozens of markets via its rapidly expanding nationwide alliance of fleets at no additional cost to the rider. Its technology works completely within the established safety, pricing and insurance framework of the transportation industry, providing customers with safer rides at standard metered-fare costs. NexTaxi does not mark-up or randomly vary the fare, or add forced ‘gratuities,’ nor does it send users ‘rogue’ drivers or vehicles that may endanger riders.

Unlike rogue e-Hailing apps that disregard transportation industry regulations, NexTaxi connects riders’ requests directly to taxi fleet dispatch systems. In as few as two taps, users are assigned a nearby legitimate cab and appropriately licensed driver via an approved fleet, providing more control and a safer, more reliable experience than other taxi apps. The user can also visually track the GPS location of their taxi and see car, driver and ETA details directly from their smartphone while enjoying the comfort of their home or finishing their business meeting as they conveniently monitor their car’s approach — no more waiting by the door, wondering.

“We’ve seen the mobile e-Hailing movement have a significant impact on the taxicab and limousine transportation market,” said Earl Epstein, CTO, Universal TranWare, “But what we see, as industry veterans, are inexperienced companies hoping to skirt an established system that in large part exists to protect riders. Established taxi fleets diligently respect safety, insurance and accountability guidelines, yet typical rider apps bypass these, removing the fleet — and their value to the rider — from the equation. The Department of Transportation in Los Angeles’ recent cease-and-desist orders to rogue ‘ride sharing’ app companies shows that people see the difference, and that in order for this movement to succeed, it must do so within the guidelines of industry regulation just as established taxi-fleet operators do.”

Beyond requesting a ride and tracking your car’s approach, NexTaxi includes a suite of passenger-friendly features to enhance and simplify taxi travel. Additional features that benefit the NexTaxi user include:

  • Secure in-app payment using business or personal credit cards with detailed email receipt
  • Easy recall of favorite locations and routes
  • A “No!.. Wait!.. Stop!” function that recalls the taxi in case a personal item didn’t leave the vehicle with you.
  • Fast address entry using:
    • GPS- based ‘Find me!’
    • Point-of-interest lookup
    • An existing contact

To find out if NexTaxi is currently available in your market please visit Download the free NexTaxi for iPhone at the iPhone App Store.

About Universal TranWare:
Founded in 1994, Universal TranWare is an early pioneer and one of the world’s leading providers of advanced fleet management, digital dispatching and mobile payment solutions for taxi and black car fleets across the U.S. and Canada. More than 10,000 vehicles in nearly 100 markets rely on our fleet management technologies and constant innovation to streamline operations and drive efficiencies and growth while enhancing rider satisfaction. Unlike rogue taxi hailing apps that bypass fleets and prey on loopholes in legislation, the NexTaxi™ app for Android™ and iPhone devices is absolutely free of charge and is fully integrated with Universal TranWare’s fleet customers’ operations. This model gives riders peace-of-mind and fast, free and secure access to quality vehicles with legitimate on-duty drivers across the country, while empowering them to locate, track and pay for their rides with ease. To learn more visit Follow NexTaxi on Twitter at and Like Us on Facebook at

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11 Free Mobile Apps for City Life


Find a Ride: NexTaxi

NexTaxi partners with existing car services to offer you transportation. It starts with a task menu: You can get a car based on your current location or a previous trip, or set up a return request for a completed trip. The resulting interface isn’t as slick as some of its competitors, but the program is every bit as useful.

Trips can be arranged based on a map location, your contacts list or a typed address; you can even pass a note to the driver (“Look for the guy with the red umbrella.”). Best feature: If you leave something in a car, you can send a message so that the driver will come back.

Available for Android and iOS.

NexTaxi Mobile Taxi App screens from Computerworld article on Free Mobile Apps

Don’t Wait for the Next Taxi, Hail Your Own with NexTaxi!


iPhone App – Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

NexTaxi App screen on an iPhone device

Universal TranWare has been digitally improving upon taxi and limousine services for years, and they’ve just released their latest handy bit of tech onto the App Store.

NexTaxi is an app that keeps the rider’s needs in mind. Thanks to their iOS device’s GPS functionality users can call for and track a taxi, while the app finds a nearby licensed (very important) car to send. It actually integrates into the dispatching system to make finding a cab (and a fare) easier and faster. Users can also pay for their ride directly through the app with no need to fish for pocket change.

Anyone who uses cabs with any regularity can download NexTaxi for free right now and enjoy using the service throughout one of close to 50 different cities, including New York, Orlando, Iowa City, Augusta, Cincinnati, Salt Lake City, the Chicago area, and more.

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