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Council Questions Mayor’s Taxi Medallion Numbers

From The Epoch Times:

NEW YORK—Various aspects of the mayor’s 2013 Preliminary Budget are being scrutinized, and on Tuesday, the City Council’s Transportation Committee questioned the Taxi and Limousine Commission about the projected $1 billion revenue from selling 2,000 new taxi medallions this year.

“We have some doubts about their ability to raise that amount of revenue,” said Andrea Bender, legislative director for the chair of the Transportation Committee, Councilman James Vacca. “The city has never sold that many medallions at one time. If they don’t raise the billion dollars, they leave a hole in the budget.”


New Orleans taxi cab drivers threaten to strike during Final Four


NEW ORLEANS — Taxi Cab companies in New Orleans are threatening to strike later this month when the NCAA Final Four comes to town.

Drivers, upset by the city’s push to reform the industry, even protested on Monday afternoon.

“Malachi, must go! Malachi, must go! Malachi, must go!” the frustrated voices of taxi cab drivers echoed outside City Hall.


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